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2001 Newsletter

'2001' will most likely be remembered for the terrorist attacks on America. Many of you have had or know of people that passed away in this horrible time. Our hearts go out to you. We have suffered our own grief from these attacks not only in human but in the passing of a few of our poodles that lived in the Manhatten area. We would also like to thank Myra for taking her standards trained in search & rescue down to ground zero to lend a helping hand. Many of you were nice enough to send kennels that were not being used anymore to us that were donated in the rescue of the animals in those areas. We are always accepting used kennels for rescue projects, so feel free to send them anytime. Please don't throw them away, even open wire kennels are usable.

On a happier note, '2001' proved to be a fantastic year in the show ring for our poodles. '10' new Championships were achieved, with the wonderful work of our talented group of handlers as well as some beautiful poodles. The Greenridge Farm Team of Shelley Wooldridge & Sharon Svoboda for the US and The Amity Kennel Team of Anne Seppo & Dawn Strumbel doing Canada & Minnesota areas. The year started out with our home bred 'Mario' earning his American title in January followed by his Canadian title in February.

Next was 'Stephen' (thanks to the Green's for allowing us the pleasure to bring him into our home). Bringing us to 'Vegas' who finished in March.

Watch for some of Vegas's offspring in the show ring in the fall of 2002. In May 'Mannix' & 'Spring' (thanks to Janet Thayer for another beautiful poodle), finished in the US while 'Maude' who finished last year in the US picked up her Canadian title.

In June 'Markey' our third pup from Laurelbury (thanks Maureen) to finish. Also in June 'Fancy' takes a PCA placement making her breeder Brenda very proud too. She goes on to finish in the US in July. In September 'Morton' finishes with a very short show career (thanks to Jessie & Jane of Burline for him).

November rolled around to find 'Marco' becoming a Champion. (Thanks Tom & David for this beautiful boy!)

We would like to thank all of the other breeders that have helped us with these wonderful poodles. As well as those that are currently showing our home bred kids. And a big thank you to those overseas that have finished 3 standards that we shipped over there last year!!!

Here are some of our kids that you will see in the showring during the coming year:

  • Jantha's Mystical Just Macy
  • Regency Mystical Monique
  • Ash's-Mystical Amity Meadow
  • Ash's-Mystical MiraBella Image
  • Ash's-Mystical Mona Lisa Image
  • Ash's-Mystical Murdoch Images

Our new website will be up & running hopefully by the time that you receive this newsletter. We would like to thank Zhenya Beck for designing it, Peter Angritt our webmaster for maintaining it, and Shirley Green for contributing articles. There is a section for 'Extended Family' which contains pictures of some of your poodles. We will be updating this and/or changing pictures from time to time. So keep those pictures coming, as we enjoy seeing all of our poodles' offspring with their new families. Check it out & remember that we are always updating it.

I hate to be a nag, but again I have to remind all of you that have NOT sent in your AVID micro-chip (purple booklet in the folder with the paperwork you received with your puppy) to get it sent in. Just this past week, I had to yet again track down someone to get their poodle who had been picked up by animal control. The chip is in your poodle to help get it home when lost or stolen. If you don't send it in, they have no way to contact you. THIS IS A MUST DO!!

We have NOT moved as of yet, and are hoping to do so this summer. You will receive notification once we do.

Now that they year is coming closer to a close, we can only hope for everyone that the New Year is filled with joy & happiness.

Season's Greetings

Marie & Karl Hedeman

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